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Labelroo: The Easy-to-Use, Reliable Label Applicator for Small Businesses

Transform your labeling process with Labelroo, the versatile label applicator for round containers. Perfect for small businesses in industries such as brewing, distilling, winemaking, cosmetics, candle-making, e-liquids, food and beverage production, and more. Effortlessly apply self-adhesive labels and stickers to bottles, jars, and any cylindrical shaped containers for a professional look

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Bottle sizes from 10mm to 110mm diameter and labels up to 180mm tall and any width including front and backs or full wraparound.

Spend less time labeling and more time growing your brand

We understand the dedication it takes to run a business. Our labeling machine is here to make your life easier. No more time-consuming hand-labeling – experience the efficiency of a machine that does the hard work for you.

Save Time: Our manual labeling machine lets you label up to 400 bottles per hour, freeing up valuable time for crucial tasks.


Easy Operation: Load your self-adhesive labels, adjust once, and let the machine do the rest. It's hassle-free and straightforward.

Professional Results: Impress customers with well-aligned labels. A professionally presented product attracts more eyes and boosts your brand appeal.

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Amazon Customer UK

(Verified Purchase)

“This is the best machine I have bought in a long time. Fantastic for the price and will save hours if not days labelling. Easy to set up and even better to use."

Amazon Customer UK

(Verified Purchase)

"I highly recommend this labelling machine! It arrived promptly and it's really great quality. The labelroo team are extremely helpful. I had hesitations purchasing at first as I've not used a labelling machine before but I'm so glad we bought this. Saves us so much time having to hand stick them manually. And now our labels no longer "bubble"! Thank you so much for creating such a great product!"

Amazon Customer UK

(Verified Purchase)

“For a manually operated machine, this gives professional results. I use mine to apply clear vinyl labels to small 30ml glass bottles. I bought the optional ‘small bottle arm’ attachment which helps to add weight to the small empty bottle whilst turning and seems to reduce the tendency for any air bubbles to appear. I have telephoned the company on more than one occasion for advice; they are very helpful.”


Labelroo is a trading name of Kinelabels Ltd 

Unit A, 82 James Carter Road,


IP28 7DE

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