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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I label a bottle?

A. Most labels are now self-adhesive and are supplied on a backing or liner. You can simply peel the label of the backing and place it onto your bottle by hand. Or with the LABELROO labelling machine you can save time and stress.


Q. Will the labels be correctly aligned and level?

A. Yes, the machine easily adjusts to achieve perfect positioning on the bottle every time.


Q. My label printer is asking for ‘Winding Specification’ what do I need?

A. The LABELROO machine needs the labels to be on a roll with a 76mm core (3”), Face Out, Right Side Leading, and Max Roll Diameter 200mm (8”).


Q. My labels are on sheets, will they still work with a LABELROO labelling machine?

A. No, unfortunately, sheet labels are not suitable, and labels need to be supplied on a roll.


Q. What is the maximum label size?

A. The maximum height for a label is 150mm (6”) and any width for full wraparound labelling.


Q. How many bottles an hour can the LABELROO label?

A. You will be able to label up to 400 bottles per hour, but this depends on a number of factors including the label and bottle size.

Some customers have reported labelling over 800 bottles per hour

Q. Can the LABELROO label tapered bottles or candle jars?

A. Unfortunately no, the machine is only suitable for labelling straight-sided bottles and containers.

Q. I'm having problems setting up the machine and wondered if you have a video.

A. Absolutely! We've got you covered. Check out this brief video tutorial for setting up your LABELROO labelling machine. While it may seem a bit primitive, many users have found it extremely helpful. [Video Link]

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance after watching the video, feel free to reach out to us directly. We're here to ensure your labeling process is smooth and efficient

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